Let’s sew!


My name is Tenney and I am a six year old, home schooled, first grader from Los Angeles. I love sewing and do it everyday. I asked my mom if I could start my own “dot com” so that I could teach other kids how to sew. 

She said yes, and this is my first post. 

I hope to show you lots of projects and ideas that you can make yourself. It’s so fun to be creative! 

Thanks for reading, now let’s get sewing!




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  1. Tenney, I can’t wait to do this with Juliet. I look forward to reading about more great projects that we can do together. Great blog!

  2. Tenney, I go to a once a month quilt class with your grandma Marsha. I think this is so awesome, and I am always being asked to teach young girls how to sew, so now I can refer them to your blog. Good job learning an amazing art which has been list. Blessings to you!
    Miss Cindy

  3. This is perfect timing! My daughter Haley is 8 years old and wants to learn to sew. She already made an ornament. But this will help us with more projects. Thanks for having an outstanding idea!

  4. Tenney, I LOVE your blog. Way to Take Action on your Passion! Do you think you could present your blog to the class sometime? Maybe Ms. Sofia’s class, too. People/kids of all ages will be inspired. Warmly, Ms. Debbie

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