Machine Sewn Family Dolls



These are super simple little dolls you can make and play with all day. You can draw your own pattern or feel free to print out the ones we made at the bottom of this post.

Start by printing out the pattern or drawing your own pattern on the wrong side of a piece of fabric. Use chalk, it washes off easily.


Pin two pieces of fabric together with the right sides (printed sides) together and think about where you want to leave open for stuffing. It should be an area that doesn’t have any big curves in it. I’ve marked our area in the picture below.


Stitch up the doll except for the stuffing area and cut it out.


My mom says that if you snip the area inside all the little curves and turns (like the neck, armpits, inside the legs etc..) area it makes it look better once you flip it inside out. The picture above shows her doing that.

Once you have your doll flipped right side out, stuff it up using a pencil or chopstick to get the stuffing into the head, arms etc..


Hand sew the opening closed that you used for stuffing and then you’re done!!

IMG_8286 IMG_8293

You can make a whole family of dolls and soon we’ll make some clothes to go on them!

Hope you enjoy playing with them as much as my sister and I do!


mine turned out a little lumpy but I still like him.


These are the ones my mom made for my sister. She loves green.

Click on the pictures below to open a full sized version of the template and print it. I apologize if you have to do any resizing. I’m new to this and think I did it right but am not 100% confident.

Thanks as always for reading and Happy Sewing,


baby Dad kid 1 kid 2 mom


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