Reversible Ribbon Headbands!


A few days ago I had the most fun playdate with my friend Margaret and my sister. They love crafting and sewing too and we decided to make headbands out of ribbon and elastic. They’re super cool because they’re reversible. You can flip them over whenever you want to change the look.

IMG_8345 IMG_8351 IMG_8361


The supplies you need for this project are

two kinds of ribbon (they need to be the same width)

thread that matches (or not if you want a contrasting color)

1/4 inch elastic

tape measure



Start by measuring your head from ear to ear. It helps if you have a friend help you with this part. Both our heads were 13 inches!


Cut your ribbon about 1 inch longer than your head measurement. We cut our’s 14 inches.


Now match up your ribbon with the wrong sides together (the non-printed sides) and stitch down the edges. We used a zig zag stitch on one of the headbands and just a straight stitch on the other.

Start sewing about half an inch down from the end. You need to leave a little space to turn the edges in.


Margaret and her mom sewing


Once you get it sewn on both sides turn the edges inside and stick the elastic in and stitch it up closed. You probably want to sew across the elastic end a few times to make sure it’s secure.


Once you have one side done, sit it on your head and have a friend help you pull the elastic under the back of your head and mark a line where you should sew it on the other side so it fit’s just right. Stick it inside the layers of ribbon with the edges turned under and stitch it closed.

IMG_8317 IMG_8318

Trim your stray threads off and you’re done!

Wasn’t that easy? It looks so great too! You could make these for a friends birthday gift, for yourself, or even for your Mom or teacher.

Here’s some pictures of Margaret, my sister and I wearing our headbands!

IMG_8324 IMG_8328 IMG_8334

Make one and send us a picture for our creation gallery! We want to see your work!


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