First Guest Post! Sew a Sit-upon!



I’m so excited to have the first guest post on sewkidsew. My friend Colton who lives Tampa Florida and is in first grade loves to make things about as much as I do and he shared this awesome project he made with me.

I know you’re going to love it. I’m going to make mine today.

Thanks for sharing Colton!

Enjoy and Happy Sewing,



A sit-upon is exactly what it sounds like: something to sit…upon. It is great for many things, like taking on a camping trip, sitting outside on wet grass at the park or on a picnic or even for circle time inside.

You need:

-waterproof fabric: we used a $3 table cloth from Big Lots because my sister’s Daisy troop made 10 sit-upons. I made this last one for Mariangel, who missed the meeting.



-used plastic grocery bags, newspaper or other filler material


-hole punch



1. Measure and cut out two 13″ x 13″ squares. It is easiest to cut them at the same time.


2. Punch holes every inch (or so). You may need to ask an adult for help. I got kind of tired punching all of those holes.


3. Measure 40″ of yarn and make a “needle” out of the yarn and tape. Wrap the tape around the end of the yarn so it is easy to go through the holes.
yarnneedle                               closeupyarnneedle

4. Thread through a corner and tie a knot. “Stitch” in and out of holes. Here, you can do it like I did or try your own stitch like a diagonal like a whip stitch. You can do anything, as long as it closes the two sides.

stitching1 stitchingcloseup

My sit-upon kept moving, so I decided to put a TV remote on it so it didn’t move while I was sewing…


…and a little Lego guy helped out.


5. When three sides are done, fill the inside with your stuffing. I used six used plastic grocery bags. My mom forgets to bring her cloth bags to the store sometimes.

stuffing                               stuffing2

6. Stitch the last side and tie a knot at the end.


I hope you enjoy your sit-upon! Take it with you on camping trips, to the park, to concerts, picnics and more!


Time saver: you can cut some on a fold and save a side of stitching, but I really liked the sewing part.



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