In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day


A thought in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day…
When I asked my mom if I could start my blog she asked why I wanted to teach other kids to sew so badly. I told her that when you see something in the world that needs to change you have to take action. I believe that if kids can create the art, inventions, visions they have in their minds then that will give them the confidence to change the world. Sewing is how I will change the world… how about you?


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  1. Tenney–
    Thank you! I am much older than your mother and I learn something every time I read your blog! I am a librarian and I want to change the world by helping people find the information they need. And I want everyone to read any book that they want! But I sew too and I think you’re right-kids should have the chance to practice art and express themselves. Glad you’re working on that! Keep it up!

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