Super springtime shorts!



Springtime’s coming and it’s time for some new shorts/pants! We made these out of bandanas and they’re both comfy and cool.

This was SUPER simple.

Here’s how to do it.

First you need 2 identical bandanas of the same color and some elastic for the waist band. We used 1.5 inch elastic to have a pretty stable and thick waistband but you could use something smaller if you like.

Take your bandanas and lay them on top of each other so that they exactly match.

laying out bandanas

laying out bandanas

Now fold them in half (both layers together) and place the fold on the left.


You’re going to measure down 10 inches and in 2 inches from the top right side and cut a “J” shape through all 4 layers.

It should look like this.

J shape cut in fabric.

J shape cut in fabric.

Now open up the bandanas and lay them flat like this.


Now sew the two layers together on the J shape on both the left and right sides. We used a zig zag stitch for extra strength. This will be the crotch of the pants so it should be strong.

J shape stitched

J shape stitched

Once you have the two “J” shapes stitched then open up the fabric and line it up with the crotch in the middle.


Now it’s time to stitch the inside of the legs. Start at one end go up to the crotch and turn down to the other leg.

pants with sewn legs

pants with sewn legs

Now we need to add the waistband. Since the bandana comes with a finished edge you can just turn the top waist down about a half inch wider than the elastic you’re using. This will be your casing so it’s important that it’s not too small or the elastic won’t fit inside.

IMG_9910 IMG_9909

Stitch the waistband down and  leave a space to feed in your elastic.

Measure your waist and cut your elastic about 1 inch longer. Feed your elastic into the casing using a safety pin in the end to help you.

Once you have your elastic in the casing stitch the elastic pieces together and let them slip back into the casing.


Now stitch up the rest of the casing and try those shorts on!


IMG_9920 IMG_9926

My sister and I are making these in 6 different colors!

They’re super comfy.

Make some and send us a picture!


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