Snack Time!



reusable snack bags

reusable snack bags

Well I don’t know about you but my sister and I are ALWAYS hungry for snacks. Today we decided to make our own snack bags so we don’t have to throw away those plastic ones anymore!

This was really easy so make a bunch and give some away to friends.

The materials for this project are

some fabric scraps for outside of bag

large bag- 16 inch by 7 inch

medium bag- 12 inch by 6 inch

small bag- 7 inch by 6 inch

ripstop fabric for the inside- cut to same sizes as outside fabric



Let’s get started.

Cut your fabric to size.

large bag

outside fabric and ripstop cut and ready to go.

place the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides (pretty sides) facing each other.

Sew around the edge leaving a space open to turn it around.

leave an opening

leave an opening

sew around outside

sew around outside

Turn it inside out. Fold the raw fabric in the opening inside and press down.

Cut your velcro just a bit narrower than the width of the bag and stitch it down on the top. (do one side at a time)

velcro ready to stitch on

velcro ready to stitch on

Now fold the bag in half with the ripstop on the inside and topstitch the edges.

That’s it! You’re done! Time for a snack!

IMG_0041 IMG_0043




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