My name is Tenney and I really like to sew. It’s creative and makes me feel good. I am six years old, home schooled,  and in first grade.  I decided to start this blog so that I can teach other kids how to sew.

I hope you enjoy my posts. I can’t wait to share my sewing with you.



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  1. Hi Tenney,
    I am a big fan. On this page about you, I see you are in front of a sewing machine, but your projects thus far seem to be hand sewn. Do you use a sewing machine? And do you think kids should learn to sew by hand before they use a machine? And at what age did you start using a sewing machine?
    Thanks! Keep up the sewing and sharing, they both make me smile.

    • I do sew with a sewing machine and started using a machine by myself when I was 5. I wanted to start with handsewn projects because not everyone has a sewing machine and also because it’s good to start with a needle and thread.
      My mom and I have a lot of projects that use the sewing machine coming up. We will try and make it so that kids without a machine can still do the projects with hand stitching.
      Thanks for reading!
      Happy sewing,

  2. Hi Tenny,
    This is Graham, from school! Thanks for sending out the video, I loved the whole thing. I also love to sew. I have made a backpack, cloth napkins, a cleaning cloth, and a pillow case.
    I hope to see you soon.

    • Glad you liked it Graham and thanks for writing me. I actually never sent out a video so I’m not sure where you saw it. Maybe Ms. Debbie shared it? Anyway, thanks for looking at my site. Maybe you’d like to do a guest post? I’d love to see how you made a backpack!

  3. hi tenney, this is willem’s mom, from Aveson homeschool. Willem was so full about your presentation , that we checked out your blog. You are amazing. I hope you will teach a class sometimes. We will certainly sign up. Stefanie

  4. Nice to meet you and your awesome creations,Tenney!Can you tell me what kind of shoes you usually wear when you using the sewing machine?

    • I just wear my regular sneakers or even sew barefoot. When I was smaller I had to stand at the table to reach the foot pedal but now I’m tall enough I can sit and sew. My mom used a small suitcase to boost up the height of the foot pedal when I was small too but I don’t need that anymore.

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