This page is a place for all of us to share our ideas and creations! Please send me pictures of your work and I will post it here in our creation gallery!

Happy Sewing!


Sarah and Jacob's felt pin cushions and plashes

pincushions and plushies made by brother and sister sewers Jacob and Sarah in Glendale, CA

IMG_8346 IMG_8347

photos from sisters Abigail and Emma in Colorado making their felt bracelets. Their brother Elliot made one too but didn’t want his picture taken. I know that feeling sometimes! Thanks for sending these in! The bracelets look awesome!

felt plushies

felt plushies made by mom and daughter Alisa and Nora in San Jose California- these are amazing, we love them.

1527009_10151810448596078_1058722810_n 1506924_10151813165601078_343149342_n

Esme made this pin cushion and plushie and told us she was going to teach her Dad how to make them next. She lives in Calabasas, California- we love your button eyes and nose!


super amazing pin cushion and needle book made by Juliet in Los Angeles, California – love the heart pin cushion!


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