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Zippered pouches to hold your stuff!



I have so many tiny little things that my mom is always telling me to “find a home” for. Today I decided to make some little zippered bags to put some of those things in. I was so lucky recently to get a gift from a friend of my parents. She gave me a bunch of her grandmothers sewing supplies. In the box she gave me there was tons of fabric, ribbon, lace and lots of buttons and other things. It was an amazing gift so today I decided to use some of the supplies and see what I could make.

To make a zippered pouch you need to have some fabric and a zipper and if you want to decorate the bag you can use ribbon, lace, ric rac, or just leave it plain.

ribbon to decorate

ribbon to decorate



For this bag we decided to make it 9 inches by 5 inches. We cut two pieces of fabric 9.5 by 5.5 inches that will give you enough fabric for your seam allowance (1/4 inch)


Once you have your pieces cut you can decorate. I picked some pretty ribbon and sewed it on.

IMG_9828 IMG_9829

If you want both sides of your bag to be the same make sure you measure how far down you sew your ribbon and do it exactly the same on both pieces so that it will line up when you’re done.

Once you have the pieces decorated, you are ready to sew on the zipper.

Our machine has a zipper foot but we didn’t use it for this project. We just sewed slowly and our regular foot was fine.

Place the right side of one piece of your bag up against the right side (zipper facing up) of the zipper and sew down the line. (we opened up the zipper so the zipper didn’t get in the way)

zipper lined up with edge of bag, zipper unzipped.

zipper lined up with edge of bag, zipper unzipped.

sewing first side of zipper on

sewing first side of zipper on

Now do the same thing on the other side and make sure you line up your zipper so that it’s not all wonky. Again we kept the zipper open to make it easier.

Don’t worry if your zipper is longer than the bag, you will cut off the excess in a minute.

Once you have the zipper sewn on, zip it up most of the way and then line up the two sides (right sides) of the bag and stitch around. Make sure the zipper is on the inside of the bag!

lined up

lined up

sewing around the bag.
sewing around the bag.

stitched up. ready to trim off the zipper excess.
stitched up. ready to trim off the zipper excess.

Trim off the zipper excess and flip your bag right side out!

flipping it out

flipping it out

You’d did it. Now fill it full of your stuff. I made one for when we go camping. I’m going to put my toothbrush in it. We made another one to hold sewing supplies and a third one to put my sisters little matchbox cars in.

Make a bunch. They’re super handy.



Make a Pillowcase!



On our trip to Hawaii we visited an awesome Fabric Mart

.20140106-104703.jpg 20140106-104642.jpg

They had so much Hawaiian fabric it was almost impossible to choose. I wanted it all!

My mom let my sister and I pick out something and we decided we would figure out what to make with it later. Funny thing is that out of the 1000’s of fabrics there we chose the same one, just different colors of the same pattern.

Once we got home we were trying to think of what to make and after I made my Hawaiian Applique Pillow for my bed I realized that we should make a new pillowcase to go with it too!

We found the best tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company on how to make a really awesome but super simple pillowcase and we tried it out!

Here’s our attempt.

IMG_8929 IMG_8926

We love the tutorials at Missouri Star Quilt Company. They’re so easy to follow so instead of posting our own directions we think you should use theirs.

Make your own sewing kit with needle book



Before I start my next lesson I want to say thank you for looking at my blog and letting me teach you how to sew. My mom and I decided we would start with some really easy projects before moving onto harder ones. If you have a sewing machine that’s great! I’ll be doing some projects with that soon, but first we’re going to do some hand sewing and mostly use felt just to get some practice making things and using a needle.

This project is making a needle book. It’s a nice little place to keep your needles safe.

Once you have your needle book and pin cushion you have almost everything you need for a sewing kit.  You can see a pictures of mine at the top of this post.

To make the needle book you need the following supplies.

1 piece of felt (8 inces by 3 inches)

1 button



needle and thread


measure and mark with a pen an 8 inch by 3 inch rectangle.


cut it out


fold in half and pin the two sides together.


I decided to round off the raw edges of mine because I like how it looks. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. You could also use pinking shears (those zig zag scissors) to cut this out and that would give it a fun look.


thread your needle and tie it off. Here’s a trick to tying off your thread quickly. Wind the thread around your finger so that it makes an X. Then roll the thread down and off your finger and once you pull the thread it will form a knot at the end of the string.


IMG_7853 IMG_7854

Now it’s time to sew on your button. Pick a spot for your button near the edge of the felt and push the needle up through the back. If you have a 4 hole button like I picked, you can do a criss cross or if you have a 2 hole button you just go up and down.

IMG_7855 IMG_7858 IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7864

Keep alternating between down and up until the button is tightly attached to the felt. You don’t want it falling off.

When you’re ready to tie off your thread here’s how my mom taught me to do it.

Insert the needle on the back side under a few of the threads and pull it through slowly until you just have a little loop at the end. Then using the needle tip go over under a few times just around the needle and pull it through. That will make a knot right next to your felt. Trim the thread, flip it over, and admire your work.

IMG_7866 IMG_7867 IMG_7868

Now it’s time to cut the button hole. Fold the felt over and see where your button is placed . Directly above it on the top piece you want to cut a small x to work as a button hole. Make it small at first, you can always make it bigger. I’ve made that mistake and it’s a bummer when you make your x so big that the button keeps falling off.


IMG_7874 IMG_7875

Yhea! You did it. Now you can open it up and insert some needles.

IMG_7877 IMG_7878

In my sewing kit, which is an old cigar box my grandpa gave me, I have my pin cushion, needle book, thread, some buttons, and normally I have some scissors, a pencil and a ruler too but they weren’t in the picture.


A sewing kit like this could be a really great present for a friends birthday, a gift for your mom or grandma or just something for yourself. Make a few! They’re really fun.


Thanks for reading and happy sewing!


My next project will be making a pillow and blanket for your favorite doll or stuffed animal.  Check back for that soon!

Make your own pin cushion



Everyone who sews needs a pin cushion so I thought it would be the perfect first project to share.

This is super easy and you don’t need too many supplies.

Let’s get started.

The supplies for this project are 1 medium sized piece of felt, something round to use as a template (we used a mason jar) thread (we use perle cotton thread), needle, scissors, stuffing (if you don’t have any you could just use some cotton balls), marker or pen.


Step 1. Fold felt in half


Step 2. Use jar or other round object as a template and trace around with pen or marker.IMG_7755 IMG_7758

Step 3. Pin the two pieces together before cutting.


Step 4. Cut out, just outside the line.

IMG_7761 IMG_7764

Step 5. Flip over the piece with marker on it to hide the marks.


Step 6. Thread needle and tie a knot in the end.

IMG_7768 IMG_7769 IMG_7771

Step 7. insert needle between the two layers so you hide the knot on the inside of the project.IMG_7774

Step 8. pull thread up and then go around to the back and push needle toward the front again making a whip stitch. Go about 3/4 of the way around leaving about an inch or so open for stuffing.IMG_7778 IMG_7784 IMG_7785

Step 9. Stuff- if you don’t have fiberfill stuffing you can use cotton balls packed pretty tightly. IMG_7786

Step 10. Once you have your pin cushion stuffed pretty firmly finish stitching closed and tie off. IMG_7789 IMG_7790

Insert pins and now you’re ready to sew bigger projects!

IMG_7795 IMG_7802

You can make a pin cushion in ANY shape you like. A circle is the simplest but you could make a heart, star or the first letter of your name! Get creative and make a bunch!

Please send me a picture if you make one. I would love to see your project.



I got this picture emailed to me from brother and sister sewers Jacob and Sarah who saw my post and here’s their pin cushions and much more!  They’ve taken this technique and used it to start making their own plushies! This is so fun and exactly why I’m doing this! Sharing our creativity is the best. Thanks for sending me the picture guys! Keep sewing and creating! If you’ve made something from one of my posts and want to share it please send me pictures!

Sarah and Jacob's felt pin cushions and plashes